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A new website, a big milestone

By Testfire Labs
All of us at Testfire Labs celebrated the first official year of the company’s creation. We’ve been so busy prepping for our product launch, we didn’t even get to celebrate it yet. The launch of the new Hendrix website is a massive milestone for us; it brings us that much closer to releasing Hendrix into market.

With our new website, comes our new blog. Here you will find AI news, updates, and any recent developments with Hendrix.

One of the most exciting features with the use of Hendrix is the ability to collect data with the webite’s backend. With that, let’s take a moment to walkthrough the Hendrix dashboard.

There are currently 5 major sections in the Dashboard:

- Meeting Summaries
- Action Items
- Meeting Metrics
- Topic Trends
- Meeting Health Index™


Meeting Summaries

Here you will be able to see all your meetings summarized and archived. When you invite Hendrix to your meetings, he will capture your meeting by listening, transcribe them through speech-to-text, and then summarize the entire meeting and including any recorded action items. The meetings are then stored in the Hendrix dashboard, where you can access them whenever you need to.


Action Items

When you prompt Hendrix to write down any action items in your meeting summary, he will record them here and leave you with a to-do list that you can access every time you log in.


Meeting Metrics

With the weekly metrics, Hendrix records how many times you or your team were in a meeting each day, the percentage of meeting attendees, how many last minute meetings you scheduled, and how many action items were assigned in each meeting.


Topic Trends

This section explores common trends that emerge in your meetings. If you frequently discuss mergers and innovation, or hockey and the weather, Hendrix will record this and categorize what trends are being discussed in your organization.


Meeting Health Index™

The Meeting Health Index is a coined term created by Testfire Labs. The data that is collected through your regular meetings will inform you whether you are on track with your meetings, or if your meetings need some correcting.

Meetings are frequently a point of frustration and a burden on resources. Without being able to measure them, they cannot be improved. Hendrix illustrates a picture by topic and category to give you insight on the effort to move your business forward. Sign up for Hendrix beta and see what Hendrix can do for you.


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