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Benefits of a stand-up meeting

By Testfire Labs

Every morning, once the entire team arrives to the office, we do what's called a stand-up meeting. It's basically a meeting where we all, well, stand in a circle and have a meeting. The stand-up is our first touchpoint with each other as a complete group, where we talk about what we are working on throughout the day, what challenges we have to face, and what daily goals we want to achieve.

We stand by the stand-up, and we think you should incorporate it in your daily office duties. Here's why...

Communication, communication, communication

What better way of reducing duplicated efforts than to communicate with your team on what's being worked on. If you are unsure of what you should be doing, communicate it; there will be at least one person in the circle to guide you in the right direction. The stand-up meeting also gives you an idea of what other people are working on, and if it relates to your work, that information is always important to know.

That first touchpoint

The first time you come together as a team at the start of your day is a reminder that there are other people in the office who are working on achieving the same organizational goal. It also opens up lines of communication throughout the rest of your day; if you start communicating at the start of your day and you establish that the office is an open channel, your team will be more likely to reach out for help if they need it.

Equal opportunity

Everyone on the team has an equal say, and no one else speaks until the previous person finishes talking. In other words, it's the "rule of the conch." The daily stand-up also gives an opportunity towards more quiet individuals in your team to speak up. When you establish the rules of the stand-up, everyone has the equal opportunity to individually speak even if they may hesitate to communicate in the first place.

The word "communicate" has been used nine times in this article, so needless to say, a stand-up meeting helps do just that. Why not try it with your team? A daily stand-up should not take more than 10 minutes and it should give you plenty of information on what your team is working on throughout the day.


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